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End of the Year - Member's Only 50% Off Sale

Please do NOT share this link with others - this is our way of saying thank you to our
loyal members for allowing us to send you our ads all year long. We truly appreciate your support!

Here are the details:

  • You must use this site to make your purchases.

  • This is an alternate to our regular site - this site has the prices already marked down so you can use the shopping cart as usual.

  • You will also see that the colors and graphic banner on this sale site are different from those on our regular site - if you click a link and go to a page that has the dark green background - you have left the sale site! Hit the back button to return to the sale site.

  • If you want to purchase more than one item at a time, please put the first item in the cart and then click on the button that says Continue Shopping. When you check each item out separately, it costs us a great deal more in PayPal fees than when you put all of your items in one shopping cart

  • There is no limit - you may purchase as many items as you like. You may also return as many times as you like throughout the sale period.
  • If you spot anything that isn't working correctly or if you have a question about a price - you must contact us before making a purchase! You can email us at:  embroidery@charmingstation.com

  • All designs will be sent by email within 24 hours - please make sure you can receive email from Embroidery @ CharmingStation.com. If you don't get your designs within the 24 hour window, send us a copy of your PayPal receipt and let us know. We have no way of knowing that your designs did not arrive unless you tell us!

  • You can click here for other ordering information

  • Please note: This 50% off sale does NOT include our CDs. It DOES include the redwork snowman sets!

  • To see an index of all of our special sets and projects, please click here: Site Index

New Sets and Suggestions:

Mylar Snowflakes

Mylar Christmas Feet - Tree Skirt

Merry & Bright Table Runner

Holiday Suggestions:

Mylar Christmas Reindeer

Mylar Christmas Snowman Pillows

Mylar Christmas Stockings

Due to the electronic nature of our products and the ease with which software can be reproduced, refunds are
not offered. If you receive a damaged file, we will gladly resend your order.