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How to use our files

We send our files out in the zipped format.. We create our files with the latest version of WinZip. This allows us to put all of your designs into one compressed file and to include instructions in PDF format. You must "unzip" the file before you can use the designs or see the instructions.

Please note: Embroidery Software (like Embird or Buzz Tools, etc) will not unzip the files correctly and may tell you that the file is invalid or corrupt. Please use a utility that was designed for this purpose.

You can purchase a copy of WinZip here:


Follow these steps to unzip a file:

This will place the individual design files in the folder you designate. You can then load the design files into your machine or your machine's software.

There are also free programs that unzip files that you can download from one of these sites:

7-Zip J-Zip


The instructions will be in PDF format. This is the portable document format that nearly every computer can read. If your computer cannot open this file, please download the free reader from this site:


Install this file and then double click on the PDF file that has the instructions for the design set. You can read the instructions on your computer or print them out. This file will include a color sheet to show you the color stops in each design. For project sets, the instructions will also give you all of the instructions to finish the project.