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Transferring Designs to a USB Key

We send our files out in the zipped format.. We create our files with the latest version of WinZip. This allows us to put all of your designs into one compressed file and to include instructions in PDF format. You must "unzip" the file before you can use the designs or see the instructions.

Please note: Embroidery Software (like Embird or Buzz Tools, etc) will not unzip the files correctly and may tell you that the file is invalid or corrupt. Please use a utility that was designed for this purpose.

If you need help unzipping your files, please click here.

For those new to embroidery or to computers, USB is simply a nice way to get files from your computer to your embroidery machine. It can have several different names: "USB Key", "USB Stick", "Flash Drive", "Memory Stick", etc. All of these names are for the same thing.

    What you see in the left column above will be different from this image - it will be based on what is on your computer. The important part is what is in the right window. Check your screen to make sure that you are seeing the format for embroidery designs on the end of the file name. If you don't see .PES or .HUS or anything with ".something" at the end of the file name, please do these quick steps:

  • Look in the upper left corner of this open dialog box.

  • Click on the word Organize

  • In the menu that drops down, click on Folder and search options

  • Another dialog box will appear



  • At the top of this box, click on the tab named View

  • In the section under Advanced Settings, click to remove the check in front of Hide extensions for known file types.

  • Click OK to close this dialog box.


Changing this setting will allow you to see the extensions (the letters at the end of a file) so you can find the right format for your machine. Changing this setting will not hurt any other component or software on your machine. It will simply make copying files a lot easier.

This setting will remain "set" even if you power off your computer. This is very helpful and won't cause any problems.

You do not need to change any other settings on this list - even if your list looks different from the one pictured here!

  • Now, with Windows Explorer showing on your computer screen, insert your USB key into a USB slot on the computer.

  • You should see a little pop up window that looks like this.

  • Depending on what is on your USB, you may see other options here.

  • Click on the option that says Open folder to view files


You should now see two "windows", perhaps overlapping like this photo. There is a super easy way to get these positioned so you can see what is in both windows at the same time.

  • Click once on the top bar of the window showing the files on your computer. (That will bring that window to the front for you)

  • Now point your mouse pointer at any empty gray spot on the task bar across the bottom of your screen.



  • Right click with your mouse to bring up a small menu:

  • Click on the option that says Show windows side by side
You will now have two windows side by side on your computer screen.


The one on the left is the list of designs on your computer. The one on the right is the list of designs (if any) on your USB

To copy designs:

  • Click on the one in the left side window that you want to copy
  • Then right-click to bring up a menu
  • On the menu, select Copy
  • Now right-click anywhere in the empty white space on the window on the right side (in the right column)
  • On the menu that comes up, click Paste

Here are a couple of additional notes: